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Comprehensive solutions for security, business intelligence and automation of business processes

Solutions for business intelligence and security systems

INNI software allows top managers to set up and monitor all the necessary processes in the company. In close cooperation with the client, our specialists select solutions that are able to solve specific problems.

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Agro complexes

Control and automation of the process of receiving and shipping goods
Management and control of access to the territory
Tracking the exact location of special equipment and vehicles on the territory of the complex
Automation and control of document flow
Weight measurement control







Our decisions are your success



INNI analytical modules have been implemented for 30 holding elevators. Thanks to them it is registered on what scales measurement was carried out, the screen of scales, numbers of cars on both parties and a body with contents is photographed. This greatly simplifies the process of monitoring and verifying weight measurements. In case of discrepancies, the system signals and allows you to quickly respond to violations.
In addition, the integration with 1C allows you to automatically pass the car, recognizing the numbers and comparing with the data from the consignment note and determine whether the vehicle has passed all the necessary stages of verification.  Also, automatically create consignment note, income and expense invoices.
INNI provides video analytics that helps control and manage processes. 



For the retail network, a module for monitoring cash transactions was integrated, which allowed not only to record all transactions on video, but also to link the record to a specific check, and if necessary, easily search for a filter. In combination with the analytical module for face recognition, license plates and anti-theft frameworks, INNI helped to eliminate the main sources of damage and losses. 



Developed and successfully implemented an automated system that includes license plate recognition, integration modules with access control and management system (ACMS), data collection terminals and systems for determining the exact location inside the room (RTLS) with an accuracy of 1.5 m.
DHL Ukraine employees can now track cargo handling in real time throughout the logistics cycle. At all stages, the barcodes of the cargo are read and recorded in the database of the security service.
Thanks to INNI, we have taken the terminal security system and cargo handling to a new level!


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Integrated Security Systems 

Integrated security systems consist of video surveillance systems, security and fire alarm systems, access control systems and other functional elements that have centralized control and create a system of any complexity with wide security, analytical, control and management functions.

Ukrainian company INNI has created a software that integrates with any security systems, accounting systems, access control systems, recognition, etc. Integrated security systems and video content analytics on the united platform with INNI software provide companies in various sectors, as well as state and local authorities and other organizations, with wide opportunities to ensure business and public safety and occupational health. Analytics modules developed by INNI are able to solve a number of security and analytical issues at the companies and in public places, in cities and on the roads.

The scope of application of complex (integrated) security systems is extremely wide: it is private business, large and small, wholesale and retail trade, transport and logistics, agricultural sector, banks and other financial institutions.

Integrated security systems are an extremely important element of ensuring law and order and the safety in the cities, small settlements, on the highways, on the railway, in the airports, in sea ports, in public places, such as stadiums, concert halls, large shopping and entertainment centers, etc.

In the Video content analytics for business section on our website, you will find the detailed information about the possibilities of using integration solutions for video content analytics (VCA) developed by INNI company for different sectors, for local authorities, for enterprises and organizations. INNI's intelligent security systems and comprehensive video analytics are able to solve not only any security issues, but also different tasks related to the analysis and control of business processes, collect and operate analytical data for marketing and other purposes, automate and optimize business processes in a wide range.

What is business process control?

Control of business processes is the assessment and improvement of the efficiency of the company's activities. Business process control allows companies to check the productivity indicators and identify problems and shortcomings at all stages of work and in all business processes.

Efficient business process  control is impossible without data storage, monitoring, collecting and re-verifying.

Let's take a closer look at what is a business process control and how it works.

One of the main arguments for supporting the control of business processes is the reduction in productivity and, in addition, the financial efficiency of that other business. Properly established business control allows to increase the productivity, optimize and automate the day-to-day business processes, increase the scheduling tasks speed, save working hours and human resources.

The efficient business control allows to reduce the risk of loss and  machinations.

The first stage on the way to effective control is the analysis of business processes

In modern society, analysis cannot do without the most advanced technical means and technologies. An essential component of data collection for the analysis of business processes is video content analytics (VCA). Video content analytics systems are implemented by various areas of business to perform a wide variety of analytical functions, collect, process, classify large data sets, and prepare reports for further evaluation and analysis of business processes.

Let's have a look at real examples in different sectors to see what opportunities for improving the analysis of business processes are open up with INNI  analytics modules. 

INNI integration modules for retail connected into a single video surveillance system in the store with systems for visitors counting,  cash operations control, accounting, etc., enable the retail segment to collect analytic data for marketing purposes. Such studies are used by all well-known brands and large retail chains to research the target audience, develop marketing strategies, improve the quality of customer service, optimize and control all business processes in the retail segment.

The main task in the production sector is business process analysis and control, as well as production costs optimization. To achieve this goal, INNI offers an innovative solution: integration modules for monitoring and control of various production processes, starting from the delivery and unloading of raw materials to the finished product shipment. Increase in the productivity of the staff, a reduction in the number of production defects, the avoidance of abuse and theft, a higher quality level of labor protection, and an improvement in the accounting of commodity and material values could be achieved. The combination of the above-mentioned factors allows companies to reduce losses, optimize the production costs, and increase the business efficiency.

In the transport and logistics sector, the analysis of business processes using the INNI software product allows you to identify reserves for optimization and automation of logistics processes, and to establish effective control of business processes in logistics centers. Video content analytics, combined with access control and management systems, accounting systems, gives very high results in terms of efficiency indicators, responsiveness to emergency situations, improvement of reporting, control over document flow, movement and preservation of goods and materials in logistics warehouses, transport enterprises, etc.

If the business faces organizational and security problems, the Ukrainian company INNI knows how to solve these problems and implement effective control of business processes, which will bring the business to a new qualitative, technological and security level.

Interaction of an integrated security system components

Modern businesses face growing security challenges. Threats of various types, ranging from petty fraud and unauthorized entry into a protected area to system errors in the organization of production processes, require innovative approaches to creating security systems that can effectively prevent damage. In this regard, productive interaction between the components of an integrated security system becomes critical. This process plays a critical role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the overall system.

An integrated security system is a network of interconnected elements, including physical, technical, human and information resources. These components work together to ensure the safety of a facility or organization, create optimal conditions for doing business, and improve production processes. The integrated security system includes a video surveillance system, access control, fire alarm, cyber protection, video analytics modules, a server on which photo and video files and electronic documents are stored.

Effective interaction between the components of an integrated security system reveals previously unavailable capabilities:

  1. The INNI video analytics module can set an alarm icon on the monitor when a critical event is detected, for example, unusual behavior of a buyer on the sales floor or a car with someone else’s license plates entering a protected area.

  2. When investigating any emergency, you can obtain all the data available for a specific case from the archive by setting search parameters by time, name of the official, product, number of the car or railway car, and amount in the check.

  3. In retail trade, a video surveillance operator can see the moment of service at the checkout with a parallel broadcast of the items on the receipt.

  4. Analysis of data from CCTV cameras allows you to automatically activate fire alarm systems or notify responsible persons by sending messages to a smartphone.

In general, in-depth interaction between the components of integrated security systems allows you to radically increase the degree of control in any field of activity - in production, in the service sector, retail trade, loading of finished products, unloading of goods, in the banking environment. An integrated security system that concentrates the maximum available information about an event in the operator’s or responsible person’s area of attention creates an environment for making more informed and effective decisions. Combination of various control and analysis technologies, covering a wide range of diverse factors:

  • ensures the objectivity of decisions made;

  • reduces the time required to collect and analyze information;

  • reduces the risk of blunders leading to serious material damage.

In-depth interaction between the components of a comprehensive security system is a necessary element in countering growing threats. The synthesis of physical, technical, human and information resources ensures the reliability, efficiency and sustainability of the system. With the development of technology, it is possible to create more intelligent and adaptive integrated security systems that can effectively cope with any challenges of the modern world.

INNI software for Business intelligence

In today's dynamic business world, where data is a key resource, the role of business intelligence in a successful business cannot be overemphasized. Business analytics has long gone beyond the simple study of data arrays, turning into a tool for studying hidden trends, optimizing business processes and identifying opportunities for company development. Effective data use from INNI software can be a key success factor in a dynamic and highly competitive corporate environment.

Business intelligence is the process of collecting, researching and presenting information for the purpose of making effective decisions. This process is implemented on the basis of a powerful software complex with the participation of AI, capable of interpreting the received information and displaying results in the form of diagrams and tables.

In the past, the effective use of business intelligence required highly qualified employees with specialized knowledge, but today INNI software allows you to present business intelligence data in the form of a table or transfer it to another program. So any responsible person with basic training is able to make effective decisions.


Business intelligence stages:

  • Collection of information. INNI modules, integrated into a complex system, can control various business processes (for example, receiving goods, processing, cargo weighing, vehicles movement and people flows, etc.).

  • Checking data for errors and inconsistencies.

  • Analysis of information to identify trends, patterns and relationships.

  • Visualization – presenting the results of information analysis in a visual form.

The obtained business intelligence data can be exported to any other programs (for example, to the warehouse program Qguar WMS Pro), included in information summaries collected from various sources, and also sent in the form of current reports to managers or customers.

Business intelligence is used in various areas of business, such as marketing, retail, manufacturing, logistics, finance, and human resource management. It enables responsible persons to make better decisions, increase the efficiency of the enterprise and identify unexpected opportunities for development.

How important is business intelligence to a successful business?

Business intelligence software combines mathematical and analytical methods that provide responsible persons with the information necessary for successful business in the most visual and informative form.

The important role of business analytics in the business environment is determined by the following factors:

  1. Business  intelligence enables entrepreneurs and managers to find meaningful solutions, minimizing risks and improving results.

  2. Thanks to business intelligence, enterprises get the opportunity to identify and eliminate problems and optimize technical processes.

  3. Business  intelligence creates conditions for a deep understanding of consumer behavior. Analysis of information reveals customer preferences, trends in the market, which allows you to adapt to changing consumer requests and develop more effective marketing strategies.

  4. Forecasting and planning. Business intelligence involves the use of AI and forecasting tools that help companies build long-term development plans and adapt to future challenges and emerging opportunities.

  5. Cost reduction and budget optimization. Thanks to business analytics, companies identify points of savings and cost reduction.

  6. Business intelligence promotes innovation. Managers can easily identify business opportunities based on current trends and large amounts of information.

It is important that in order to use business  intelligence, it is enough for the manager to formulate queries in natural language, without resorting to program code. During processing a request, the INNI software can refer to the archives, combining them with current information, which allows identifying the historical reasons for the current state of affairs.

Artificial intelligence for business intelligence

With the development of technology and the digital transformation of the business environment, AI and machine learning have become an integral part of modern business intelligence systems. These technologies not only simplify the analysis of information, but also open up new perspectives for making sound strategic decisions.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning make it possible to raise information processing processes to a completely new level. AI algorithms are capable of processing enormous amounts of data and identifying hidden patterns. Business analytics with the participation of AI creates conditions for quick decisions and ensures maximum accuracy of analytical conclusions.

Thanks to the capabilities of machine learning, predictive models can be created based on business analytics to identify trends and future events. This is especially important in a rapidly changing business environment, where prompt response to market changes can determine a company's success. Artificial intelligence is able to adapt to new information and instantly update forecasting models.

Business analytics is traditionally based on the study of statistical data, but artificial intelligence is able to find non-obvious connections between various indicators and formulate deep insights. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to automate such routine tasks as data collection, to speed up their analysis and report preparation many times over. This significantly increases work productivity and eliminates the possibility of human error.

Here are some specific examples of how AI is used in business intelligence:

  • AI is used to learn business intelligence about visitor behavior – for example, purchase history or website browsing information. Understanding customer needs leads to increased sales.

  • AI that processes business intelligence information is capable of making predictions about future events, such as demand for products or services, the likelihood of customer churn, or the occurrence of specific problems.

  • Automation: AI interprets business intelligence data and visualizes it so clearly that one look at the monitor screen is enough to understand various positive or negative trends.

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of business analytics, opening previously inaccessible horizons for the use of data. Enterprises that integrate business intelligence technologies with software from INNI in their work receive a competitive advantage and greater opportunities for effective resource management.

Specialized INNI software for business intelligence 

INNI is a proven reliable partner capable to create software products that meet the individual needs of clients in various business sectors. One of the important advantages of INNI products is the flexibility of integration into various fields of activity. The company's developers are ready to create software that meets the specifics of the work of manufacturing enterprises, logistics hubs, retail trade, and transport companies. This allows customers to receive business analytics that are maximally adapted to the specifics of business processes.

One of the key principles of INNI's work is a deep understanding of the client's needs and the desire to provide the best solutions. The company's team is ready not only to develop the software, but also to integrate it into the client's existing business intelligence systems. This allows you to minimize time and resource costs for the introduction of a new software product, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the enterprise and a new level of business process control.

Choosing  INNI business intelligence software your businesses get not only advanced technology solutions, but also a partner ready to meet your unique needs. The variety of business areas in which INNI products are successfully used testifies to the high adaptability and versatility of our proposed solutions. Challenge our developers and get an exclusive software product that will take your business to a completely new level!

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