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Сargo transportation optimization using video analytics modules

Сargo transportation is a highly profitable business not only for conscientious participants - senders, receivers, fleet owners. This area of activity, in which valuable goods and materials are circulated, has become a source of income for hundreds of traffic fraudsters who use car-breaking schemes. Fraudsters skillfully adapt to the specifics of cargo transportation, finding loopholes that allow them to intercept the cargo and remain unpunished.

Among the most stolen goods are metal, automobile spare parts, household goods, construction materials, shoes and clothes, and alcohol. In the report of the Association for the Protection of Transported Cargoes, it is noted that over 800 cases of theft of valuable cargo are registered in Europe per year, while in 75 cases goods worth more than 100,000 euros were stolen. At the same time, the robbed owners also suffer collateral damage in the form of damage to their business reputation, which entails cancellation of orders, termination of concluded contracts and even bankruptcy.

As the trucking market is growing rapidly, adding 20% per year, you should expect a surge in fraud and crime in the trucking industry. Companies can and should take a number of preventive measures to combat the criminal environment, lone fraudsters, and dishonest employees of their own company.

Participants in the cargo transportation market also suffer significant damage due to weak logistics (down time, queues), spoilage of cargo, manipulations with cargo and transport documents and fuel, thefts on their own territory. The use of INNI integration modules will allow eliminating all weak points.

Cargo transportation  losses reduction 

It is impossible to achieve a high level of operation of the logistics system and safety of transportation without the introduction of modern digital technologies. In its products, the INNI company has successfully implemented the latest achievements in the field of computer vision, video technologies, management of large flows of information and artificial intelligence.
INNI engineers' solutions for the clients in the field of cargo transportation across Ukraine is one of the general directions of the company's activities. The development portfolio includes modules for optimization of warehouse activities, control of unloading/unloading areas, fixing of car and wagon numbers, tracking of cargo weighing procedures, protection of material values, prevention of negative phenomena on the territory of the enterprise.

The implementation of INNI analytics modules in the field of freight transportation allows solving the following problems:

1.  Fraud during weighing.

2.  Vehicles access on the territory.

3. Damage to cargo.

4. Theft.

5. Loading/Unloading Time Exceeded.

6. Long lines to the terminal.

Statistics collected by specialists of enterprises that have already implemented INNI intelligent video analytics show that a few minutes are saved on the processing of one load, which can result in enormous time savings on the scale of a large logistics hub.

Transportation of grain

The propensity for embezzlement among employees of agricultural holdings and agricultural enterprises arose even in the times of collective farms. Taking a bag of grain, pouring a bucket of gasoline was not even considered a sin. And in our time, the desire for illegal enrichment at the expense of agrarian farms has flared up with new force. There are expensive imported preparations for plant treatment in warehouses, tons of fertilizers are brought in, considerable crops of grain and sunflowers are harvested, and hundreds of liters of fuel are stored in the huge tanks of foreign equipment.

At the level of low-level workers, they take everything that can be quickly implemented or used in the personal economy. There are data that annually, agricultural enterprises get rid of 10 to 25% of the fuel purchased for sowing and harvesting. One can imagine the scale of losses if fuel costs in large farms make up a third of the total costs. Another article of heavy losses is the theft of ampoules of herbicides. Is it possible to resist when one ampoule costs up to $10,000, and let alone the buyers among small farmers!

But the main losses of agriculture are caused by theft during the transportation of grain. Road transport "on the left" takes up to 30% of finished products from agribusiness. Some combiners load other people's machines directly into the field "from the wheels". Colossal volumes of production are lost due to fraud at elevators and during the transportation of bulk cargo. Criminals can steal up to 5 tons of wheat or sunflower seeds from just one wagon, which results in a loss of UAH 50,000.

The experience of implementing INNI video analytics modules shows that non-productive losses in the field of grain transportation can be completely eliminated. Specialized software with AI elements allows you to take full control of most critical processes in an agricultural company:

1. Video monitoring and automation of the grain acceptance and shipment process.

2. Prevention of unauthorized presence on the territory of individuals and vehicles.

3.  Tracking the routes of movement of vehicles on the territory.

4.   Automation of document circulation.

5.  Weighing fixation with parallel filming of the cargo from different sides.

6. Personnel control at all stages of cargo processing.

An example of effective implementation of INNI software in the field of grain transportation is the integration of analytical systems at 30 elevators of a well-known holding. A clear positive result was obtained in the most critical area, where fraud attempts were usually made - in the weighing area. Now, the scales on which the grain was taken are recorded, the mass value on the screen is photographed, and the car number and the contents of the body are simultaneously recorded. If there is a discrepancy in the grain receiving/shipping process, the AI immediately sends a signal to the responsible person, giving the opportunity to intervene in time and prevent theft.

Since the INNI modules are integrated with the accounting system, many cars that often appear in the elevator area are automatically passed. Invoices are also created automatically.

Therefore, intelligent systems provide a unique opportunity to increase efficiency, safety and manageability in the field of freight transportation. Their benefits are undeniable: from reducing unloading/loading times to minimizing risks caused by the human factor. INNI's innovative technologies will not only radically improve your business processes, but also shape the future of the company. Smart investment in smart products is the key to success. Do not miss your chance, make a choice in favor of progress and reach new heights in the world of cargo transportation today!

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