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Video analytics for business

Our analytics modules allow us to optimize costs caused by product shortages and dishonesty of employees, providing control at all stages of production.

With the help of INNI you can easily control the process of receiving goods and shipping of finished products, as well as automate these processes through integration with accounting programs (1C, CRM).

Video analytics for agricultural sector

Comprehensive INNI solution  avoids such risks as weight and quality fraud, entry of third-party vehicles, damage and theft of products, as well as queues and downtime of vehicles during unloading / loading. Together with INNI, the processing speed of one vehicle is reduced by 8 minutes, which significantly increases the elevator capacity.

Video analytics for retail

INNI allows you to identify and eliminate the main sources of loss of income - fraud and technical errors of employees, as well as theft by visitors. In addition, it can provide useful data to marketers, such as identifying areas of heavy traffic and peak loads, counting and gender analysis of visitors.

Video analytics for logistics

INNI  can easily control access to the territory and manage the queue, optimizing the amount of time for receiving goods. And the ability to keep track of all transactions with goods, avoids fraud with documents, loss of parcels, theft and errors of staff.

Video analytics for banks

Penetration into the bank vault, fraud and technical errors of employees, ATM fraud and even slow customer service in the branch - all this is easily eliminated with the help of INNI.

Video analytics for safe city

INNI is able to ensure safety on the roads and streets of the city, detecting traffic violations, driving traffic lights, lighting, help to react fast to illegal actions and even identify criminals and their whereabouts.

And in municipal institutions it helps to control legality and quality of service of citizens.

What is intelligent video analytics for business

Actually, by definition, intelligent video analytics uses computer vision and artificial intelligence and is based on automatic data acquisition as a result of video analysis from video cameras or from the video archive without the participation of a person or an operator.

Intelligent video analytics can replace the observer of a video stream as effectively as a computer can replace a person in calculations. After all, equipping a large enterprise with a large number of video surveillance cameras does not mean setting up an effective security system, because someone has to view this huge video stream from all available cameras with a huge amount of information and analyze it without making mistakes. This would require a lot of human resources (and therefore costs) if intelligent video analytics systems were not invented.

How is intelligent video analytics implemented in practice?

By integrating video surveillance systems, security systems with INNI analytical modules. The software is created in such a way that, with the help of artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies, it can identify objects, movements, events from the video stream, and react according to the algorithm specified by the developers.

What is the advantage of intelligent video content analytics (VCA) for business?

Intelligent video analytics for business is not only security and raising the work of the security service to a fundamentally new level.


Intelligent video content  analytics systems are directly integrated into production processes and provide effective process control in automatic mode without direct human intervention. The entire process of intellectual processing of the video stream is entrusted to artificial intelligence, and the function of the operator is reduced to responding to signals provided by the video content analytics system in real time, or to the use of video information processed and selected from the video archive according to specified filters. In this way, the business saves human resources and money, and intelligent video analytics processes huge data sets at high speed, avoiding the mistakes inherent in living people.


In addition, intelligent video analytics VCA is used for collecting valuable information for marketing purposes. This way video content analytics is used in retail.

 Video analytics importance for business

Video analytics for business can have many valuable applications in completely different areas: in manufacturing, in wholesale trade, in retail, in logistics, in the agricultural sector, in the banking sector, in transport, in any other types of business.


Video surveillance combined with intelligent video analytics will help:

  • automate business processes;


  • enhance control;


  • increase safety at the workplace;


  • reduce losses in production or trade;


  • prevent abuse (theft, fraud);


  • increase labor productivity;


  • improve the quality of customer service;


  • improve accounting of commodity values;


  • increase the level of security;


  • improve the security service quality;


  • collect and form analytical data for any purpose.


Intelligent video analytics systems for business provided by INNI are perfect security solutions. Video analytics systems integrate with various video surveillance systems, security and fire alarm systems, accounting systems, access control, etc.

Video analytics in video surveillance is a prompt response to alarming events or events that require increased control and attention of personnel. This is an opportunity to find video fragments of a certain event in a short period of time by filtering the video stream according to the specified parameters (for example, the integration of video analytics with the control system of cash operations). This is the possibility of prompt formation of reports based on specified parameters, quick selection of the necessary information from a large array of data, which saves working time and human resources. That is, it is the automation of business processes at the modern level.

Intelligent video analytics for business is indispensable in the investigation of non-standard situations at the enterprise: in the warehouse, on the territory, in the parking lot, in the office, in the production workshop, in the banking institution.

In retail and the service sector, intelligent video analytics will facilitate the collection of marketing analytics necessary for business promotion.

Video analytics in production will help to exercise effective control over production processes and improve labor protection, identify potential risks and improve work processes to prevent accidents at the workplace.

A convenient interface and the ability to integrate analytical modules for business with many existing security, guarding, video surveillance and accounting systems make INNI software flexible and adaptable to any client in any business.

Practical aspects of video analytics implementing 

In the era of rapidly developing technologies, there is a growing interest in the field of video analytics from the companies and organizations of various sectors. Intelligent video surveillance with the function of video analytics becomes an integral part of security systems,  business processes monitoring and optimization. Analytical tools based on the processing and analysis of video data play a key role in increasing the companys’ efficiency.

One of the main trends in the market of video analytics for business is the transition from simple video surveillance systems to adaptive solutions. The use of deep learning algorithms and neural networks allows you to create software capable of automatically recognizing objects, appearances, vehicle numbers, actions, and even predicting possible scenarios.

Another important direction in the development of video analytics is the expansion of its application in various fields. For example, in healthcare, video analytics technologies help monitor adherence to medical protocols and ensure the safety of patients and staff. In the field of public transport, video analytics is used to control the movement of rolling stock, providing passengers at bus stops with information about the waiting time for their trolleybus or bus.

At the same time, the increase in demand for video analytics causes increased competition in the market. Companies engaged in the development of video analytics systems actively invest in research and development of new technologies, striving to offer the most effective and innovative solutions. As a result, there is a constant improvement in the functionality of video analytics systems, their integration with other technologies, and the expansion of opportunities in the field of data analysis.

The future of the video analytics market promises even more growth and innovation. It is expected that the development of deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies will lead to the creation of even more accurate and versatile video analysis systems. In addition, with the increase in the number of devices with video cameras, the role of video analytics in the field of smart cities and infrastructure will become more and more significant.

Undoubtedly, the video analytics market will continue to show steady growth in the coming years, offering new opportunities to improve security, efficiency and data analysis in various areas of human activity. Success in this industry will depend on the ability of companies to adapt to change, invest in innovation and offer solutions that meet the growing needs of the market and customers.

 New areas of video analytics use 

 Video analytics has become an integral part of technological progress, opening new horizons for various fields of human activity. With the increase in the number of surveillance cameras and the volume of data generated by video streams, the potential for their application also increases. From ensuring security to improving business processes, video analytics is effectively integrated into various fields, while constantly evolving and opening up new perspectives. Let's consider current trends and potential areas of video analytics development:

  1. Health care. Video analytics are used to monitor the behavior and condition of patients in hospitals, polyclinics and homes for the elderly. It can be used to monitor health, identify potential problems, and ensure patient safety. For example, video analytics can be used to support disabled or critically ill patients, detect falls or other incidents.

  2. Sport. Video analytics is used to analyze sports performances and increase the effectiveness of training. You can get data on the performance of players on the sports field, identify trends and develop strategies. For example, video analytics is already actively used today to analyze video recordings of matches, monitor physical indicators of players, identify critical errors in the behavior of players on the field

  3. Public places: exhibitions, stadiums, festivals, squares and streets designated for public and political events. Video analytics is used to improve the efficiency of various infrastructure facilities and ensure the safety of visitors. As part of the Safe City concept, video analytics can be used to monitor traffic, identify potential problems, and ensure the comfort and elimination of threats to the lives of large numbers of people. For example, video analytics can be used to detect errors in the placement of exhibition windows and stands, determine the risk of congestion and overcrowding, and receive recommendations for improving the operation of various locations.

  4. Agricultural technologies. Video analytics can be used to monitor the condition of crops and plants. Computer vision technologies make it possible to identify diseases, defects or stressful conditions of plant growth, which allows farmers to quickly respond to problems and increase yields. In the same field, a great economic effect can be obtained with the help of video analytics to control the processes of transportation and processing of agricultural products.

  5. Advertising and marketing. There is a lot of data on the successful use of video analytics to target advertising to pedestrians, drivers and passengers. Artificial intelligence is able to determine the car brand, gender and age of people in the area of visibility of the advertising screen, after which it can select and display the appropriate advertisement on the screen. At the same time, the number and duration of views, as well as the emotional reactions of observers to advertising images are monitored, which greatly helps marketing agencies in optimizing content and contributes to increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

The following can be considered promising directions in the field of video analytics:

  • Using artificial intelligence to monitor emotions, which can be used to ensure safety, improve operational efficiency and improve customer service in retail and service.

  • Using deep learning for video analysis. These technologies allow obtaining more detailed information from video, which can be used to solve various tasks, such as detecting critical events and predicting behavior.

  • Using cloud technologies for video processing. These technologies allow processing large volumes of video in real time, which opens up new opportunities for using video analytics in various areas.

INNI is an example of a cutting-edge approach to creating video analytics modules that embody not only advanced technology, but also the ability to adapt to unique and specific business needs.

INNI specialists have not only in-depth knowledge in the field of video analytics, but also extensive experience in working with various industries, which allows them to effectively develop solutions for highly specialized tasks. Thanks to this approach, the company is ready to provide custom-made video analytics modules aimed at solving specific problems and tasks in any area of business and production.

Video analytics technologies for business from INNI are a powerful tool for optimizing processes, improving the functionality of security systems, analyzing data and improving enterprise efficiency. Thanks to the flexibility and innovative approach of developers, enterprises of any size can use these solutions to achieve their strategic goals.

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