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Video analytics in production
to optimize costs and automate business processes

Our analytics modules allow us to optimize costs caused by product shortages and dishonesty of employees, providing control at all stages of production.

With the help of INNI you can easily control the process of receiving goods and shipment of finished products, as well as automate these processes through integration with accounting programs (1C, CRM).

Production Costs Optimization

Optimization of production costs is relevant for any branch of industry.


Production losses can be caused by:


  • dishonest attitude of employees


  • low qualification of personnel


  • production of defective products


  • theft by employees


  • inefficient use of materials and energy resources


  • inefficient use of human resources and working time


  • low level of production processes automation


  • low level of the company's business process automation.


To optimize the company's costs, it is necessary to carry out a thorough analysis and determine the sources of cost reduction.

Production control automation is an important lever for production costs optimization. The INNI company develops a software product capable of establishing remote control of the production process at all stages.


We develop analytics modules that allow for operational control in production, starting from the entry of machines into the territory of the enterprise, and up to the finished products shipment. Thus, with video analytics systems developed by INNI, production optimization takes on a new qualitative level.


Input control at production — the stage of material goods receipt, the technological stage of production, and finished products quality control  — the management can receive operational video information and set up full automation of production control. Effective control of the staff work, the use of working hours, and the performance of the employees' work duties is possible with INNI video analytics modules.

Comprehensive operational control in production will allow to exclude fraud and theft on the part of employees, will reduce the rate of defects and lagging behind the work schedule.

Business processes automation is needed not only in production. INNI's software product adapts to cost optimization of companies of any profile in any industry. In retail, in the agro-industrial sector, in the transport and logistics industries, in commercial companies and the financial sector.


Reduction of company costs, effective business processes automation is the result of INNI analytical modules implementation.


It is possible to integrate our software product with accounting systems such as 1C, CRM to control and optimize the costs of a company of any profile.

Security systems and INNI video analytics modules

An integrated security system at the company of any sector is based on a combination of security systems, video surveillance, fire alarm, access control and management system and other functional elements. INNI software products are specifically created to combine various elements of the security system into a single entity, with a common control center (control panel) and video surveillance and with extended capabilities.


Security systems in the office and the production enterprise differ in terms of security elements sets. If fire alarms and video surveillance are present everywhere, then such functions as  territory access control, perimeter security and security elements aimed at preventing theft and damage are inherent to a greater extent in the production sector.


The INNI company practices an individual approach to meet the customer's security needs, and offers exactly the set of software products, integration and analytical modules that meet the needs of a definite enterprise, and creates intelligent enterprise security systems with extended functions and capabilities, which not only improve the security component, but also contribute to the business processes automation, better business processes control  and production optimization.

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Automation of business processes

What is the automation of business processes in the modern sense and why is it so important for business?

First of all, these are technologies, the latest developments that allow businesses to reduce maximally  the use of human labor, not only directly in the production process, but also in all other processes related to business, for example: security system operation, accounting, document management, analytics and marketing research, testing and trials in production, production processes control over the use of human resources in order to optimize costs and and increase business profitability .

INNI analytical and integration modules are created specifically for business processes automation. It enables production and non-production operational control automation. INNI software allows you to automate the security system operation and make it more efficient, reduce the impact of the human factor, eliminate staff errors, avoid the negative consequences of dishonest staff actions, etc.

Production control, vehicles and goods movement control can be carried out both manually, with all the negative consequences of human factor influence, and automated, brought to the highest standards with the help of technologies. Business processes automation not only saves money, but also means a fundamentally different quality of the processes management and control.

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