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Comprehensive INNI solution  avoids such risks as weight and quality fraud, entry of third-party vehicles, damage and theft of products, as well as queues and downtime of vehicles during unloading / loading, providing control and management of elevators. Together with INNI, the processing speed of one vehicle is reduced by 8 minutes, significantly increasing the elevator capacity.

Security and automation in the agro-industrial complex

The INNI company implements innovative technologies of security, video surveillance and video analytics to optimize costs and automate processes in the agro-industrial complex.

Software from INNI makes it possible to increase safety and optimize production processes at such enterprises of the agro-industrial complex as:



poultry farms;

meat processing plants;

sugar factories;

processing enterprises;


milk processing plants.

Integration systems of intelligent video analytics are able to optimize costs at enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, ensure a high level of security, optimize and automate production processes. The integration of video analytics systems with accounting systems, such as 1C and others, allows you to automate document flow and improve control over the movement of goods and material values, in particular, to receive photos (videos) of events and create documents based on them (goods and transport invoices, etc.).

Implementation of INNI integration modules in the agro-industrial complex provides the following opportunities:

strengthening of safety, including fire prevention and labor safety;

improvement of product quality due to constant control of production processes at all stages of production and processing;

automation of reception and shipment of raw materials and finished products;

detection of numbers of motor vehicles, railway cars;

control of weighing vehicles with agricultural raw materials.


Automation of business and document flow in the agro-industrial complex
Innovative INNI software, integrated with video surveillance and accounting systems, allows:

establish remote control over production processes at the elevator, processing plant, etc.;

quickly generate reports with access to the video archive according to the specified parameters;

establish data exchange between the vehicle access control system to the territory and the accounting system (in particular, 1C);

create accounting documents with photo and video confirmation of the event (unloading of raw materials, shipment of products);

establish automatic control of the passage of production stages and laboratory tests;

optimize the number of workers at the enterprise and save on the salary fund.

Safety and security solutions for the agro-industrial companies

The integration of video surveillance and accounting systems and video analytics using INNI software allows you to reduce risks:

unauthorized access of third-party vehicles and persons to the territory of enterprises;

manipulations by employees with the weight and quality of raw materials and products;

theft and product damage;

formation of unloading queues;

emergency and emergency situations at the enterprise.

The INNI software product integrates with a variety of security, fire protection, video surveillance and scud systems, and the user-friendly interface allows for quick management from a single center.

We flexibly adjust our product to the needs of each client. Enterprises of the agro-industrial complex with INNI software get the opportunity to automate many production processes, reduce costs and losses, and achieve significant economic benefits.

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