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Video Analytics for Logistics

INNI  can easily control access to the territory and manage the queue, optimizing the amount of time for receiving goods. And the ability to keep track of all transactions with goods, allows to avoid fraud with documents, loss of parcels, theft and errors of staff. 

Automation of logistics processes and security of warehouses and logistics centers with INNI software

Automation of logistics processes is a key factor in the successful operation of any large logistics center where all cargo is processed, stored and shipped. Inefficient logistics management complicates and slows down many business processes related to the use of logistics warehouse services.


The technologies developed by INNI will help to intelligently manage all processes in logistics terminals and solve the problems faced by the transport and logistics sector.


The logistics industry cannot exist without solving security issues. First of all, it is video surveillance, control of access to the territory, designed to ensure the preservation of property, goods, cargo, prevent theft, loss, and spoilage of cargo. But the integration of the video surveillance system, recognition of car number plates and access control to the territory, accounting systems of commodity and material values, supplementing them with intelligent functions of video analytics creates the basis for complex automation of logistics processes. Thus, the implementation of software created specifically for logistics — INNI integration modules — allows you to automatically implement:


  • full cargo monitoring


  • empty shelves detection


  • preventing the formation of unloading queues


  • prevention of losses during sorting and storage of goods


  • prevention of theft and spoilage of goods


  • prevention of manipulations with documents by employees


  • search for lost cargo


  • control of the availability of places on the racks


  • tracking the exact location of parcels


  • accounting of all vehicles on the territory of the logistics center


  • investigation of non-standard situations


  • quick search in the video archive according to a wide list of criteria.


Thus, the automation of warehouse processes reaches a qualitatively new level, which allows you to significantly save human resources, solve logistical issues quickly, quickly and efficiently, optimize the work of personnel,


INNI's innovative solutions help to increase the safety and efficiency of transportation and logistics, to achieve the maximum level of automation of logistics processes, namely:


  • Ensuring the protection of warehouse and logistics facilities of any scale.


  • Remote control of the receipt and dispatch of goods.


  • Reduction of time spent on investigation and processing of claims.


  • Full integration with security systems and programs of other manufacturers.


  • Saving money on security guards.


  • Receive real-time alerts on suspicious activity with our advanced video analytics.


  • Protection of vulnerable areas and areas with limited visibility.


  • Product protection against theft and damage.


  • Documentation of pick and load errors.


  • Immediate detection of fire and smoke in warehouses and the surrounding area.


  • Notification of guards and law enforcement agencies about threats in real time.


  • Registration of license plates for automatic entry and exit.


  • Preventing the access of unauthorized vehicles.


  • Tracking and counting people and vehicles.


  • Control of personnel movement on the territory, entrance and exit from buildings.


Our software product for logistics security and automation of logistics processes is flexible, extensible and can be customized according to your requirements.


Find out how our technologies can help you automate warehouse processes and solve all security issues in logistics: call us at the contact number.

Benefits of implementing video analytics for a warehouse

Considering the huge scale of logistics centers, long working hours (many warehouses operate 24/7), a large number of vehicles arriving for unloading/loading, a large staff of employees (loaders, storekeepers, forklift drivers), a degree of control over all logistic processes must be maximum. Otherwise, the company will inevitably suffer significant losses and experience reputational damage caused by fraudulent activities, theft, downtime, long searches for the necessary cargo and free space on the racks, fictitious deliveries/shipments, etc. Although no large warehouse today can do without a video surveillance system, the presence of just video cameras and an operator in front of the monitor can be considered outdated technology.

The introduction of video analytics for warehouses allows you to take full control of most production processes. Logistics automation involves using specialized software with artificial intelligence that converts the video stream into a well-structured database. Software with AI elements carries out tireless work to recognize faces and license plates, classify cargo, determine empty shelves, and the number of workers loading/unloading. At the same time, photos, videos and electronic documents are linked. The abundance of metadata created by video analytics for warehouses opens up enormous opportunities in terms of investigating any incidents, preventing theft, wastage of working time, and downtime. Automation of logistics processes allows any responsible person to manage the database:

View videos, photos and linked documentation, receiving a complete package of information in a matter of seconds, not hours.

Search for information necessary to investigate an emergency by time, last name, batch number, name of goods, number of cars and railway cars, invoice data, sender and recipient.

Have a complete picture of what is happening on the territory of the facility in real time, receiving instant notifications about critical events (for example, loading in an unspecified place, the arrival of someone else’s car, unusual activity of personnel, accumulation of cars in line for loading).

Receive comprehensive information to analyze and put forward strategies to prevent negative phenomena. Video analytics for a warehouse makes it possible to identify patterns and negative trends, make adjustments to work, and immediately track the effectiveness of decisions made.

Any logistics hub is a large complex, including administrative buildings, warehouses, loading/unloading areas, entrance gates, parking and waiting areas. Each of these locations requires attention from the security structure, managers of various departments and the head. Logistics automation using INNI intelligent modules provides a wide range of extremely useful options for comprehensive optimization of enterprise activities.

Security of logistics centers

Fraud with documentation and theft from warehouses are a heavy legacy of the era of complete lack of control. The desire to take what is bad and mutual responsibility among loaders, drivers and storekeepers is a problem that can undermine the financial well-being of any logistics company. The propensity for theft among employees of large warehouses can only be cured with the help of vigilant comprehensive monitoring, which is provided by video analytics for warehouses.

The experience of dozens of logistics hubs allows us to establish the most common types of theft from a warehouse:

  • take-out;

  • removal in collusion with security guards;

  • disguised removal under the guise of garbage and empty packaging;

  • replacing the packaging of an expensive product with a box from a cheap one;

  • illegal markdown;

  • return assignment.

In some warehouses, business owners deliberately do not take any measures, considering theft to be a necessary evil. Due to an unreliable management scheme and dubious personnel, they are simply not able to control all aspects of the operation of the logistics hub. In some cases, scammers can literally bring a company to the brink of bankruptcy. For example, in the warehouses of the agricultural sector, grain, fertilizers, fuel and herbicides worth hundreds of millions of hryvnia are stolen due to the fault of lower-level employees.

You should not put up with this state of affairs. The introduction of video analytics for warehouses will prevent colossal damage and recoup the investment in the shortest possible time. Defenseless against petty scammers and big thieves, the logistics giant is able to instantly transform into a modern economy, where all  logistic processes are strictly controlled by administrators at all levels.

Security of logistics centers using INNI modules:

  1. Gives the business owner a powerful tool for comprehensive control in real time.

  2. Allows you to receive warnings from a video analytics system for warehouses, configured to detect certain events (for example, unjustified turning on of the light in the box, a vehicle staying in the loading area longer than usual, the appearance of persons with low security clearance in the area for authorized employees).

  3. Provides the security structure and responsible persons with access to a rich archive of structured data, from which video files, photographs and electronic documents related to the case under investigation can be retrieved within a few seconds. You can easily determine the list of persons involved in the manipulation of a specific cargo or product, track the route of movement of goods across the territory, observe the process from several cameras, and control the accompanying documentation.

By implementing video analytics for a warehouse, you get confidence that, firstly, no one will enter the premises incognito, secondly, any violations of the established regulations will be detected by artificial intelligence, thirdly, all disputes that arose during the receipt of goods or shipment of finished products , you will be able to effectively resolve, having in your hands a complete evidence base based on video files, photographs and warehouse documentation.

Logistics solutions optimization with video analytics systems

Modern technologies have radically changed the idea of what effective warehouse management should be. Today's logistics software (WMS) provides important tools for keeping track of incoming and outgoing goods, as well as monitoring available storage locations. However, even with advanced logistics management systems, there is often a problem of insufficient transparency and real understanding of the processes taking place in the warehouse.

This is exactly the moment when the integration of a warehouse management system with video analytics opens up new opportunities and prospects for optimizing logistics solutions. Many warehouses have already implemented specialized logistics software. Logistics hub specialists have thoroughly studied this software for warehouse automation and use it skillfully. Integration of warehouse logistics software with a video analytics system will eliminate all limitations and expand the ability to see the real picture of what is happening on access roads, at ramps, at the time of entry/exit of vehicles and railway cars, unloading/loading, in storage areas, on racks.

Benefits of integrating video analytics with logistics software:


  1. Increasing the accuracy of accounting for warehouse operations: video analytics integrated into the warehouse automation system can provide additional data on the movement of goods in the warehouse, allowing you to clarify the information received from the logistics management system. This reduces the likelihood of errors and improves the accuracy of warehouse management.

  2. Real-time and control of operations: Integration of video analytics into the logistics management system allows you to receive information in real time. This ensures a quick response to emerging situations in the warehouse, such as loss of goods, unexpected delays or errors in the movement of goods.

  3. Space and process optimization: Video data analysis helps optimize the use of warehouse space, identify problem areas in processes using heat maps and improve warehouse management technology.

  4. Customized solutions development: INNI integration modules for logistics software allows you to tailor video analytics to the unique requirements of each warehouse and its management system.

An example of a successful logistics solutions optimization is the video analytics integration module developed by INNI for the Polish warehouse automation program Qguar WMS Pro. This module allows the program to receive data from the video system in real time, increasing the already colossal functionality of the warehouse management system to the limit.

The integration of the warehouse management system with video analytics is not just a combination of two technologies, it is the creation of a new level of warehouse automation that takes logistics to a new, more efficient level of development.

Such innovative approaches in the field of warehouse automation provide organizations with new tools for optimizing logistics solutions. In the future, with the development of technology and the wider application of video analytics in warehouse management, we can expect even greater growth in productivity and improved efficiency of warehouse processes.

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