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Banks security systems: challenges and solutions

The INNI video surveillance system can become an integral part of banks' security system, providing a reliable means of protection and control. By integrating advanced technologies and artificial intelligence, banking security systems not only significantly reduce financial and reputational risks, but also provide a number of other significant benefits. Let's consider in more detail the key advantages of an integrated bank security system and its impact on the overall efficiency of financial institutions.

In addition to the channels of losses, which include, for example, the granting of loans to unreliable customers, banks face the following risks every day:

1. Cashiers' mistakes.

2. Fraud by staff and visitors.

3. Withdrawal of cash at ATMs from someone else's account.

4. Equipment errors (POS terminals, self-service terminals and ATMs).

5. Slow and poor customer service.

6. Unauthorized access to storage.

7. Hacking bank cells.

  How the introduction of an intelligent bank security system eliminates most of the problems

A computerized bank security system can prove to be an invaluable tool for improving the quality of service at any bank branch.

Options for using the innovative banking security system developed by INNI specialists include:

1. Monitoring of cashiers:

  • Video cameras can observe the work of cashiers, recording each operation; a video fragment of any event at the cash register can be quickly found, extracted from the archive and available for viewing with reference to each individual cash transaction;

  • Face recognition systems can help identify customers and employees, increasing security.

2. Analysis of customer behavior:

  • with the help of video surveillance, it is possible to analyze the behavior of visitors to the bank, to detect non-standard or suspicious actions, such as a long stay in the area of ATMs;

  • cash withdrawals from ATMs are monitored;

  • transactions carried out using POS terminals are recorded;

  • the number of visitors is being counted;

  • based on the analysis, it is possible to automatically notify security services about potential threats.

3. Improvement of customer service:

  • analysis of data from video cameras allows you to determine the level of workload of employees at different times of the day, which makes it possible to allocate resources more efficiently and reduce queues;

  • the opportunity to identify problematic moments during the employee's communication with the visitor and provide material for analysis to the manager.

4. Additional security:

  • the bank's security system can detect suspicious activity in the bank area, as well as bags or items left unattended;

  • automation of banking processes allows for reliable control of access to guarded premises, as well as the behavior of customers in the box of bank cells. In case of emergency, the system will provide comprehensive materials for investigation.

5. Processes optimization and personnel training:

Video recordings of the banking security system can be used for staff training and analysis of work processes in order to optimize and improve the quality of customer service.

INNI developments for banking security systems

When investigating emergency situations, the INNI bank's intelligent security system is able to generate a report within a few seconds according to the specified parameters with access to the video archive. Without wasting time studying a huge archive of records, the specialist immediately receives the necessary information based on a list of criteria (time, specific employee or client, cash transaction, ATM withdrawal or payment using a POS terminal).

The customer can task INNI with the development of an exclusive product that takes into account all the specifics of the work of a particular bank. Implementation of the bank's intelligent security system makes it possible to eliminate the main channels of creating financial and reputational losses, which will not be long in affecting the results of the bank branch's work in a positive way.

INNI's leading effective innovations in the field of banking security work in the shadows, but they are the ones that allow customers to use the services of banks with peace of mind and trust them with their money. Implementing a bank security system is not just an investment in the technologies of the future, but also a guarantee of your financial stability. When you order the development of exclusive products or the implementation of ready-made INNI solutions, be sure that your security is in good hands!

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