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INNI is able to ensure safety on the roads and streets of the city, detecting traffic violations, driving traffic lights, lighting, facilitating the prompt response to illegal actions and even identify criminals and their whereabouts.
And in municipal institutions it helps to control legality and quality of service of citizens.

What does the safe city concept include

A safe city is an opportunity for comprehensive remote monitoring of the current situation in the city, and control over the situation on the streets, in public facilities, and infrastructural facilities of the city.

The concept of a safe city necessarily includes the possibility of accumulating, combining, analyzing, grouping arrays of various data obtained from various sources in real time or retrospectively. Such integration capabilities are provided by Ukrainian INNI company software.

The INNI software product, which integrates the video surveillance systems with other security and infrastructure systems and engineering equipment, enables local authorities to ensure the safety of citizens and key city facilities, better meeting the needs of the population.

This applies to issues of road traffic safety, protection of public law and order, safety of public and communal facilities, safe functioning of city infrastructure, and services for people.

Safe city: Real-time monitoring of key urban infrastructure

Integration capabilities of video analytics from INNI software will provide city services with accurate and timely awareness of the situation in the city. Such data are necessary, in particular, for law enforcement agencies and emergency services.

The videos received from the cameras can be viewed regardless of the distance from the dispatch center, and the relevant authorities and interested parties can be promptly informed in case of an emergency.

Safe city: Reconstruction of events based on recorded video

A safe city means a city in which law enforcement agencies can effectively control the criminal situation, and communal services can effectively perform their work, eliminate the consequences of emergency situations, accidents, damage to critical and non-critical urban infrastructure, energy facilities, etc.

Often, in order to establish the causes of extraordinary situations, to establish the culprits of the events, it is necessary to quickly find and select fragments of video recordings in order to restore the course of events. It is intelligent video analytics from INNI that provides ample opportunities for reconstructing events based on video surveillance recordings.

It is also possible to send the necessary fragments of video recordings on request or in automatic mode.

Traffic safety in a safe city based on video analytics

A safe city is, first of all, about safe traffic on the roads, large and small streets of the city. Traffic security based on video surveillance is a modern trend in the urban infrastructure of civilized countries. With the help of such technologies, monitoring of traffic in the city, management of smart traffic lights that redistribute traffic flow at different hours of the day and days of the week is carried out. Traffic safety with INNI video surveillance and video analytics is comprehensive traffic monitoring, detection and recording of traffic violations, management of traffic lights and lighting of streets and roads, detection of traffic jams in the city and other functions selected by the customer.

License plate recognition is a key component of the "safe city" concept, which makes it possible to:

  • to record all traffic violations;

  • check recognized license plates against stolen car databases;

  • optimize traffic flows using traffic statistics;

  • control payment for parking;

  • control the access of vehicles to the territory of parking lots, enterprises, public facilities, etc;

  • search for criminals, search for events upon request.

Smart traffic lights in the safe city

Control of traffic lights is an important component of the concept of a safe city. Automation of traffic light management saves human resources and, as a result, municipal budget funds. The system of smart traffic lights eliminates the risk of human error, and in general, intelligent video technologies are able to process and analyze incomparably larger arrays of data and take into account many more factors to make an optimal decision and develop an optimal control mode for traffic lights on city roads.

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