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How to find quickly confirmation of unloading / shipment of products

Despite the high level of digitalization, there are still gaps for fraud in the field of cargo delivery, due to the large number of unscrupulous carriers, shippers and receivers. The most popular topics of legal proceedings related to transportation are disputes over the loss of cargo and compensation for damages due to damage to the received goods. The large volume of services for various types of cargo also causes many disputes between the participants of this market and the state bodies involved in regulating the relations of transport companies, enterprises, warehouses and customers of transport services.

Possible problems when shipping products

Any participant in the process of sending/receiving cargo must comply with the regulations for the shipment of finished products, the rules for unloading goods, and the correct preparation of the necessary documentation. However, Ukrainian courts are inundated with cases related to the shortage, loss and damage of goods, which forces carriers, senders and recipients of various goods to look for additional opportunities that allow to quickly resolve misunderstandings.

Let's list the typical problems of enterprises dealing with the delivery of raw materials and materials, as well as the shipment of finished products:

Shipment of finished products was carried out in violation of the term specified in the contract.

During the unloading of the goods, it was found that the cargo was missing or damaged.

The goods were sent by mistake to the address of another company.

The unloading of goods was carried out slowly and with a long delay, due to which the transport was idle.

The sender claims that he sent the cargo, but the recipient did not receive it.

The main problem of each of the participants in the process in case of controversial situations is the collection of the evidence base. Video analytics for business can be of great help here.

High-tech control of shipment/receipt of goods

When the case of shortage, non-receipt and spoilage of cargo is sent to arbitration, the parties will be required to provide all the necessary documents, explanations of the officials who participated in the shipment and reception of the goods, as well as all evidence - written, physical and electronic. Electronic evidence refers to information in digital form, including photos, video files and sound recordings, electronic documents stored on memory cards, servers, etc.

Automation of logistics with the use of INNI analytics modules makes it possible to obtain a comprehensive evidence base, which makes it much easier and more efficient to control the processes of loading / unloading, arrival / departure of cars and railway cars. Modules are easily integrated with programs for accounting of material values.

The video analytics system has enormous potential in optimizing the processes of receiving and shipping goods and finished products:

Barcode reading allows you to reliably identify the goods that have arrived and to unload the goods at the data collection terminal (data collection terminal).

With the help of a video analytics system, the numbers of cars and railway wagons stopping by for unloading or loading goods are automatically registered. With the appearance of cars with other people's license plates, the system issues an alarm.

It is possible to provide accurate information to customers about the status of their cargo in real time. Video analytics systems can help respond quickly to customer complaints by providing data on the shipping process of specific orders.

In the field of view of video surveillance cameras, any fraudulent actions of the staff are excluded.

Using the INNI video analytics system, you get the opportunity to see photos and videos of the process of shipping finished products and unloading goods in 1C and form the necessary documents based on them.

In the event of disputed situations, you can receive a complete report on the loading/unloading event, including electronic documents, photos and videos obtained from the archive, within a few minutes. The request can be formed by time, car or railway car number, product name. From all the large volume of related information, the user receives only the data necessary for the investigation of the event. Existing confirmations can also be easily exported and sent to partners.

The INNI video analytics system can be of great help when preparing materials for court proceedings. You can quickly find confirmation of unloading/dispatch of products in the archive, providing the company with comprehensive evidence of conscientious performance of its part of the contract.

A manager of any level can monitor the process of shipment of finished products and unloading of goods in real time using a smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC, making operational decisions as needed.


Video analytics systems have clearly demonstrated their potential as a key element in the optimization of production enterprises, logistics and transport processes. INNI modules not only provide continuous monitoring of vehicles, warehouses and the cargo handling process, but also enable the collection and analysis of valuable data, helping to prevent out-of-hours situations, improve transportation planning and reduce costs.

Innovative video analytics tools are an integral part of the digital transformation of industrial, logistics and transport companies. Their use not only increases operational efficiency, but also contributes to more confident business development in a tough competitive environment.

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