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Success-oriented partnership



For the retail network, a module for monitoring cash transactions was integrated, which allowed not only to record all transactions on video, but also to link the record to a specific check, and if necessary, easily search for a filter. In combination with the analytical module for face recognition, license plates and anti-theft frameworks, INNI helped to eliminate the main sources of damage.



INNI analytical modules have been implemented for 30 holding elevators. Thanks to them it is registered on what scales measurement was carried out, the screen of scales, numbers of cars on both parties and a body with contents is photographed. This greatly simplifies the process of monitoring and verifying weight measurements. In case of discrepancies, the system signals and allows you to quickly respond to violations.
In addition, the integration with 1C allows you to automatically pass the car, recognizing the numbers and comparing with the data from the consignment note and determine whether the vehicle has passed all the necessary stages of verification.  Also, automatically create TTN, income and expense invoices.



Developed and successfully implemented an automated system that includes license plate recognition, integration modules with access control and management system (ACMS), data collection terminals and systems for determining the exact location inside the room (RTLS) with an accuracy of 1.5m.

DHL Ukraine employees can now track cargo handling in real time throughout the logistics cycle. At all stages, the barcodes of the cargo are read and recorded in the database of the security service.
Thanks to INNI, we have taken the terminal security system and cargo handling to a new level!



The project of the plant security system with integration into the management system has been implemented. Intelligent and analytical modules of video surveillance system, car number recognition, control of complex information boards and displays, notification of events via GSM-gateway, checkpoint interface, interface of creation, redirection and tracking of export / import applications were used.

High professional level and technical support are guaranteed!



They created a unique software and put into operation the Ukrainian Center for monitoring of security systems and video surveillance of facilities that use nuclear technology in their activities.

The established Center allows operators to initiate procedures for appropriate response to alarm signals of security exchanges and related video packages, including online.

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