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Access Control Systems

Any company must take care of material values security, safety of expensive equipment, reliable safety of commercial and technological secrets. A few decades ago, this task was solved with the help of a high fence, watchmen on the passageway and security guards. Electronic control and access control systems were only in secret factories, in buildings of special services, at nuclear power plants and in laboratories working with dangerous substances.

It is still impossible to completely abandon human participation in the process of controlling the access of personnel and visitors to the enterprise, however, serious shifts in the direction of full digitalization are obvious. ACS is implemented everywhere, software and hardware complexes of access control and management systems have helped hundreds of enterprises of various profiles to reduce security costs, increase the overall security of the protected area, reduce the level of theft to zero, protect trade secrets from encroachments and thus achieve a significant costs optimization.

How access control is ensured

The access control system is a complex procedure for filtering people entering the territory and incoming goods, controlling the movement of personnel and vehicles, ensuring the security of information and people, and preserving material values. Specialized software allows you to collect information and monitor all processes centrally, also providing access from anywhere in the world from a smartphone or computer for management.

For small companies, it is enough to install access control points and distribute plastic cards or key chains with an RFID tag to employees. Entrances and gates are controlled by electronic locks, motorized shutters, turnstiles and barriers.

Codes recorded on electronic cards and key chains have a personal link, all data are entered into the computer database, thanks to which it is easy to systematize them for each of the employees. An electronic controller that controls door locks, turnstiles, barriers and gates, or gives a command to operate or announces an alarm.

Even the simplest control system can dramatically increase the level of discipline at the enterprise, cut off unwanted visitors, provide automated registration of attendance at the workplace and dismissal from work, and save a considerable amount on the payment of physical security.

Software modules for ACS

Code identification capabilities may not be enough for a large company with thousands of office employees and workers, hundreds of visitors, dozens of cars. A colossal economic effect in this case will be provided by intelligent video analytics — complex automation of the access control system using INNI's unique software modules, which will allow:

1. Reliably recognize license plates (Ukraine, EU) during the movement of vehicles at a speed of up to 240 km/h. This technology allows you to record the time of the vehicle's entry into the territory, the start of unloading or loading, and the time of departure.

2. Increase the reliability of the ACS (access control and management system), if, in addition to integration with the ACS, a face recognition module is installed. An access card or a key fob can be stolen, but with the presence of a face recognition system, an attacker will not be able to enter the restricted zone, because the module will immediately detect a discrepancy between the appearance parameters and the data contained in the database, lock the door and activate the alarm.

3. Automatically fix the numbers of all railway cars that deliver goods to the plant. Practice has shown that even in traffic, the system determines at least 98% of numbers. Data on the movement of a particular car is recorded and stored so that, if necessary, a quick investigation can be carried out, clarifying when the cargo arrived, how it moved through the vast territory of the enterprise, when it was unloaded and taken to the station. At the same time, photo and video recording of the contents of the wagon and the unloading/loading process is conducted, which can become evidence in case of disputed situations.

4. Identify cases of crossing the borders of prohibited zones. If a person or a car is behind the forbidden line, the traffic detection module will immediately determine this and issue a command to record the event. The offender's face will be captured and the vehicle number will be determined.

5. Control the dress code. At a large factory, connecting a special module for the availability of workwear will allow monitoring the presence of workwear and helmets on workers, in a large hospital it will help detect visitors who forgot to take off their outerwear, put on a white coat and shoe covers. It is enough to integrate the module into the general system and connect it to a high-resolution video camera.

   Integrated access control solution INNI 
The integration module with ACS from INNI makes it possible to take the situation at the enterprise under full control, monitor the processes of receiving and storing goods, and use data to investigate a wide range of alarming events. The system allows you to accumulate the received information in the form of photo and video files, as well as export data in various formats, for example, text, tabular documents or dashboards.

At the same time, the operator of the ACS system sees on the monitor a map of the territory with a label indicating where and what happened, and has the opportunity to view the event from other cameras, so that the phenomenon can be seen from different angles. You can request a video from the moment the alarm was recorded. The data can also be received by the managers of the enterprise, the head of the security service, as well as persons responsible for this or that site, workshop or warehouse.

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