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Analytics modules

 License plate recognition
A software analytical module that detects and recognizes car license plates in the frame (even in difficult weather conditions), saves the recognition result and a screenshot of the car to the database.
  • Advantages of our technology:

  • The speed of capturing and recognizing the number occurs within 10-40 milliseconds.

  • Captivates and recognizes license plates at speeds up to 240 km/h.

  • Captures several screenshots with the same number, processes them and chooses the best one. As a result, the user sees the highest quality frame with the car number.

  • Simultaneously recognizes all supported license plate templates.

  • License plate recognition accuracy is 95 to 99 percent.

  • Recognizes license plates of the CIS, the European Union.


Face recognition
A software analytical module that detects and recognizes a face in a frame, compares it with a standard and saves the recognition result.
  • Advantages of our technology:
  • Real-time face detection, pattern extraction, and matching against the watchlist database.
  •  Simultaneous detection of multiple faces or objects in real time.
  •  Tracking the movement of an object
  •  Gender classification, age assessment, determination of the main emotions of the face
  •  Database maintenance
  • Support for large systems by connecting up to 10 cameras on one computer and fast synchronization between servers


Recognition of railway wagons and containers

Allows you to control and register all the cars that enter the territory of the enterprise. The system provides recognition of wagon numbers at the level of 98% in dynamics and statics.

If necessary, you can easily conduct a quick investigation - when the car drove in, how long it was unloaded / loaded and get a photo / video recording of the incident and even the contents of the car.


Queue detection

A module for counting the number of people in a frame or a given area, a dense human flow (queue length, number of people at the entrance, etc.). Real-time technology determines any changes in the number of people (a person has come or gone). This module can be configured to issue an alarm signal in case of exceeding a certain number of people in a queue or a given zone. It is possible to count the number of people both in the whole frame and in a certain area of ​​this frame. It is possible to set the time interval during which people will be counted. In real time, the system shows the exact number of people in the monitoring area and the time spent by each person in this area. The system detects only people, not counting foreign objects when counting. The counting accuracy is more than 90%.


Visitor Counting
The data changes in real time. The algorithm detects only people who filter out foreign objects and do not take them into account in the calculation. The system gives the number of people who have entered and left, their difference as of the current moment. The algorithm allows you to calculate the average time spent by a person in a given zone. Our technology allows you to independently configure the entry / exit point, which will be counted, allowing you to increase the reliability of the result. Counting accuracy is not less than 90%. In addition to counting the number of people, the system also provides the entry / exit time and a screenshot of this moment.


-analysis of visitor flows and directions of movement;

-marketing: assessment of the impact of advertising and promotions;

-improvement of personnel work planning and determination of optimal working hours;

-assessment of the influence of the time interval on the visit of customers to the store;

-detection of high-performance stores and workers.


Motion detection 
Software module for detecting the direction of movement of an object (person or machine). The technology also allows informing about the crossing of a given line by an object in a prohibited direction. The speed of movement of the object in this case can be up to 200 km/h. The system allows the user to independently specify the boundary and the direction in which this line cannot be crossed. When determining the intersection of a given limit, the system makes a freeze frame, saves it to the database, indicating the time of this event. Information can be issued to external systems.


Workwear presence control 

With the help of neuroanalytics, the INNI module is able to control the presence of workwear and its individual elements. To do this, just deploy the module in the system and connect a camera to it at the entrance to the room or any convenient area. In addition, the system is able to recognize several people at the same time, which makes it possible to detect violations even when there are crowds of employees, as happens at the entrance in the morning.


Shelves control

Using a neural network, the system collects data on the filling of the shelves for certain time intervals (depending on the turnover of goods) and signals when the allowable rate is exceeded. In integration with the accounting system, the shelf control module allows you to control balances and manage inventory. The use of this module allows you to reduce costs also by saving the cost of personnel who would have to control the fullness of the shelves. And this is especially noticeable in large supermarket chains. In addition, the system can combine information from all stores in the network, generate reports and send them to mail or other convenient messengers.

Analytic modules for security systems, protection and personnel optimization

Video surveillance systems are constantly being improved and acquire new functions.

Intelligent video analytics systems use computer vision methods and operate according to algorithms for recognizing faces, other objects, and image processing in automatic mode, without human intervention. To perform such functions, video surveillance systems are equipped with appropriate analytics modules with software developed for each individual type of video analytics.

Video surveillance systems with the function of video analytics are primarily related to security issues. Their second use is to optimize the work of personnel at enterprises of any business sphere.

Video surveillance systems designed for protection and security
Video surveillance on roads, streets, in public places for the purpose of maintaining law and order and traffic safety with analytics modules gets qualitatively new opportunities, while the human factor and related errors are eliminated and a significant optimization of the work of security service personnel is achieved.


Features that video surveillance systems with INNI analytics modules can get:

Classification of objects: the analytics module allows you to divide all objects in the field of view of the cameras into groups, for example, it is one person, several people, or a car.

Perimeter area protection: if an object crosses the area, an alarm will sound for a few seconds (the system should not respond to objects such as birds, animals, swaying trees, and bushes).

Smoke and fire detector. This analytics module means a fundamentally different level of fire safety: if conventional smoke detectors are triggered when the concentration of smoke is already significant, smoke detection with the help of a video analytics module allows you to detect a fire much earlier and accurately determine the location of the fire source.

Face recognition The video analytics system with the face recognition module uses computer vision and analyzes faces from different angles, and selects the best quality image to save in the archive. This allows you to find in the video archive any person who visited this object in a certain time interval.

Recognition of car license plates allows you to control all vehicles that have appeared in the designated area (territory of the protected object, parking lot, street, road section, etc.). The car number recognition function is used for:

violation of traffic rules: allows you to find the violator and send him a fine receipt;

in the parking lot with parking meters (automation of the process, exclusion of the human factor);

operative search of a stolen car on hot tracks;

only authorized cars are allowed on the territory of the facility.

Support of the object, monitoring of the object. This function allows you to follow the subject in the frame even when it is blocked by other objects, such as cars, trees, buildings or other people, crowds. Disappearance of the tracking object for some time from the field of view of video surveillance does not lead to loss of communication with the tracked object. The object tracking algorithm for the analytics module is designed in such a way that the video surveillance system also pays attention to non-standard movement of the object and continues tracking even when large obstacles come into the field of view of the cameras.

Other security-related functions: detectors of abandoned objects, crowd detectors, suspicious activity detectors (fight, riot), fall detectors, etc.

Situational video analytics allows you to monitor the following events within the video surveillance zone:

abandoned or thrown objects

appearance and exit of objects from a certain zone

uncharacteristic gathering of people in large numbers, crowd

long stay of a person in the same place for no apparent reason

fast movement, running

sudden stop of movement of the object in the general flow

a person falling on the spot (on the street) or from a height (for example, from a bridge)

fight, riot.

Video surveillance systems designed to optimize the work of personnel
Using analytics modules for video surveillance systems at various enterprises, the business gets the opportunity to automate the accounting of the working hours of the company's employees. The above functions used for security systems will help the management to detect the facts of inefficient work of the employees. Thus, the face recognition module plus tracking modules with the object make it possible to detect and record the facts of absence from the workplace, aimless movement around the territory, to detect several employees who have gathered "for a smoke break" in an unauthorized place during working hours, etc. At the same time, all such facts will be recorded by the video surveillance system automatically, and the manager does not need to monitor the work of the staff in real time through video surveillance cameras. Upon request, the system will find any necessary video fragment with any employee in the video archive and within seconds video viewing will be available.

Video surveillance on roads with INNI software plus new business opportunities

Analytics modules from the INNI company are a software product that allows you to combine road video surveillance systems with license plate recognition. This increases the safety of road traffic, allows you to detect and monitor the drivers' compliance with traffic rules, identify violators, and determine the location of a particular vehicle.

The system of video surveillance on roads with license plate recognition will allow to optimize the operation of communal parking lots, as well as commercial parking lots. Such automation makes it possible to reduce the number of personnel, that is, to save the company's money and promptly resolve disputed issues regarding payment, parking terms, etc.

For business, the recognition of car number plates is relevant for transport companies, for logistics complexes, for elevators, for large retail chains, supermarkets, for factories - where the business is connected with the entry/exit of cargo transport to the territory, with the movement of goods and material values in the company's warehouses, with the need to control access to the company's territory. the combined integration of video surveillance, license plate recognition and accounting systems enables enterprises to control not only the movement of transport and goods/raw materials/finished products, but also to simultaneously monitor and control the flow of documents: goods and transport invoices, acts of receipt and transfer of goods and material values, etc. INNI analytical modules allow you to quickly extract the necessary information from a large array of data, quickly find video fragments that confirm this or that event, and generate a report according to the specified parameters in the shortest possible time.

Working time accounting automation and staff work optimization with INNI software

In addition to the above-mentioned capabilities of integrating road video surveillance with license plate recognition, the INNI software product integrates with facial recognition systems. In this way, enterprises with a large number of employees have the opportunity to implement the automation of the accounting of the working hours of the company's employees. Video confirmation of events, which can be quickly found among the general video stream according to a given filter, makes it possible to make accounting of working hours as accurate as possible and prevent fraud by employees.

In general, analytical modules of INNI provide wide opportunities for optimizing the work of personnel. First, this is achieved by establishing not only the accounting of working hours, but also the control of the work of employees. Secondly, it allows to improve labor safety in production. Also, with the help of video analytics, management and business owners get the opportunity to collect various analytical data and, based on them, form a strategy and tactics for optimizing the work of the company's personnel.

Automating the accounting of working hours of the company's employees reduces the overall costs of the enterprise, reducing the need for manpower.

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