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How to check if the guard is awake at night

If a certain facility has 24-hour security, then the owners and management have a reason for this, that is, awareness of possible dangers, due to which such security should work even at night.

When starting work, each security guard is familiarized with the job description, which usually contains a clause stating that he is prohibited from sleeping, napping, etc. at the workplace. But as soon as night falls, the office and production premises are empty, or there are only workers on duty or the night shift, the guards have a great temptation to spend their working hours in the arms of Morpheus, that is, to sleep on the job and get paid for it.

Of course, the management and owners are not happy with such a prospect — to pay a security guard who violates the job description and exposes the object to all possible dangers from which he should protect it.

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What problems can arise if the guard is asleep?

The responsibility for the security of the premises rests on the shoulders of the security service, which must work around the clock. So when security guards don't perform their duties, it can be dangerous.

First of all, a guard who is asleep cannot respond in time to any danger that may arise in the facility, namely:

  • smoke, fire;

  • attempts of unauthorized entry of outsiders into the premises for the purpose of robbery;

  • unscrupulous actions by the personnel of the enterprise itself, which can cause damage to both property and human safety;

  • alarm activation and in general any extraordinary situations at the facility that require immediate response.

In addition, such a situation, when the guard sleeps at night, is a sign of improper executive discipline and indicates a low professional level of the security service.

What are the ways to check if the guard is awake at night?

Checking the presence of guards at their posts

You can check whether the guards are present at the workplace and whether they are really working and not sleeping in the following ways:

  • Personal visit of the manager / owner at the guarded facility, personal inspection of the guard's workplace. Pros: the opportunity to see with your own eyes how security works and whether their actions correspond to the job description. Cons: in this way, you can check occasionally, watching the guards every night is not the best way to control. That is, the next night after the inspection, an unscrupulous security guard can sleep peacefully, being sure that the superiors will not come every night.

  • Telephone call to the security guard. Pros: the manager does not have to go to the facility in the middle of the night, he can make a control call right from home. Cons: the security guard, who had been dozing before, immediately wakes up gearing the call, picks up the phone and pretends that he conscientiously performed his duties and did not violate the job description. That is, this method of verification is the easiest, but also the least effective: it is unlikely that the management will learn the truth about the discipline among the guards in this way.

  • Monitoring through video surveillance cameras. Any video camera that works with the help of the Internet allows you to remotely monitor the premises online. Video surveillance systems with network video recorders that record images from cameras and store them on a hard disk are much more effective. If the object has a video surveillance system, there is an option to watch the security guard as he watches, but this method is also not effective. A lot of time and money will be spent on this. In fact, it will be a double guard, and then you will also have to control the one who controls.


So how is it really possible to control whether the guard is awake at night? And at the same time, do not overpay extra money to observers after observers. How to automate the process of monitoring the work of the security service?

The INNI company develops integration modules that combine various security systems into a single integrated security system with extensive video surveillance and video analytics functions. In addition to security, such integrated systems are also capable of performing control and management functions.

Monitoring the attention of security system operators at night

In particular, thanks to the INNI integration module, the chief of the security service does not need to personally monitor the work of each guard. Instead of a manager, control will be carried out by intelligent technology.

The essence of the night security control module is as follows: the system is configured in such a way that it randomly issues alerts to the security guard during the night (for example, the guardian must enter a certain combination of numbers). If the guardian doesn't sleep, he will immediately complete the task. If there is no reaction after several minutes (this period of time can be set individually), the system issues an alarm and records this event in the log. As a result, the watcher wakes up and, at least, continues to perform his duties, and the manager learns about the incident in the morning or immediately and can work it out with the subordinate.

The system requires additional confirmation of the processing of each alarming event at the object and does not allow the operator to close the message without entering comments on this event. Thus, innovative technologies contribute to the optimization of the work of security service personnel and allow the management to exercise effective control over its actions 24/7.

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