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Integration modules for integrated security systems

Cash transactions control module
The checkout control module allows you to receive all information about cash transactions from checkout servers, synchronize this data with the video stream and search according to different scenarios.
Main functions:
  • The titling system allows all receipt data and all POS events to be superimposed synchronously over the video. The system has flexible settings for the visual presentation of receipt data and cash register events on the screen.

  • Smart frames (panel of events by channel) – an additional window on the right side of the frame, which displays all the information from the receipt.

  • Search by check and cash server events. You can search by several criteria at the same time.

  • “Risk Group Goods” – an operational window for displaying a list of goods to which the operator should pay special attention.

  • System of alarm events and scenarios - notification of suspicious events or situations that require special attention.


Integration with ACS systems
The module for integration with access control systems allows you to receive data from the ACS upon request or event. When an alarm operation of one of the system sensors is registered, the software module enters this event into the database. At the same time, the time, screenshot and video are also stored in the database. A special message appears on the object map, which shows which sensor has triggered, where it is located and which camera is located next to it.

The operator can immediately view a video of the moment the sensor is triggered, as well as view video from nearby cameras. Thus, the system saves video confirmation of all events related to the operation of the access control system.

Integration with security alarm systems

This module allows you to receive real-time wear data of the intruder alarm. When an alarm operation of one of the system sensors is registered, the software module enters this event into the database. At the same time, the time, screenshot and video are also stored in the database. A special message appears on the object map, which shows which sensor has triggered, where it is located and which camera is located next to it.

The operator can immediately view a video of the moment the sensor is triggered, as well as view video from nearby cameras. This will allow you to quickly respond to alarms from security systems.

The system requires additional confirmation of the processing of an alarm event and does not allow the operator to close the message without making comments on this event.


Integration with weight complexes

The module allows you to connect to INNI a weight complex installed at the enterprise (road, etc.). At each weighing of the vehicle, weight indicators are automatically transferred to the software package. In addition, at the time of weighing, a screenshot is generated with the indicators of the scales and the weighted vehicle. The video archive is indexed by weighing events, which speeds up data processing. The system compares the values ​​of the scales at the initial and final weighing and displays the difference between the values. That is, as a result, we get three weighing indicators - tare, net, gross with reference to one car. In addition, the system memorizes the net weight of a particular car, which prevents fraud in the future. This greatly simplifies and automates the weighing process.
Integration with RTLS systems
RTLS (Real-time Locating Systems) is a real-time positioning system that provides identification and determination of the coordinates of an object controlled within a given territory. RTLS collects, processes and stores information about the location and movements of people, animals, objects, mobile mechanisms or vehicles.

This information can later be used to monitor various business processes, signal deviations from the established regulations, or to analyze certain processes and situations.

The integration of INNI and RTLS software allows you to link the location of the object of observation to the video data from the camera (group of cameras) installed in a given area and in the field of view of which the specified "mark" falls. This allows you to verify the authenticity of information received from the RTLS system and link certain events to the video archive.


Integration with barcode and RFID tag readers
This module allows you to receive barcodes defined by the customer's mask (barcode of a product, invoice, employee, rack, etc.). Writes them to the database with reference to the time of reading and puts a mark in the archive. In the future, the user of the system, by the entered barcode, can view the video of the moment of scanning (both from the main camera and from all cameras in the scanning area), as well as track the entire path passed by the barcode (for example, for a parcel, you can view, that it was scanned during sorting, loading into a car, unloading in a warehouse and sending it to storage; all stages will be accompanied by an appropriate video).


Integration with 1C and other accounting systems
The integration module with the 1C accounting system allows for two-way data exchange between the INNI software and 1C. The purpose of such data exchange is to control the work of employees, identify their possible fraud, as well as automate individual business processes.

The operator has the ability to configure the system's reactions to certain data that will be received from 1C (for example: do not open the gate for a specific car until its number is linked to the paid invoice; check debtors entering the parking area in the database; show video confirmation unloading goods from a specific consignment note, etc.).

Working with this software module helps to identify fraud with documents (for example, according to the documents, the goods were accepted to the warehouse, but in fact they were not even delivered).

STOP module

  • Operational monitoring of the situation at the facility at night, registration of alarms around the perimeter and in the protected area

  • Online access to archival materials of subordinate SVN systems

  • Monitoring the status of system hardware

  • Maintaining an automatic log of alarm events and its analysis using reports

  • Acquisition of video/photo data confirming the alarm

  • Automation of personnel activity control

  • Monitoring the attention of security system operators at night.

New opportunities for integrated security systems with the INNI software product

The integrated security system combines, on the basis of a single software complex, all available technical means of security and protection (video surveillance system, security alarm, scud, etc.) into a continuous information environment with a single database.

Software integration of security systems is provided by specialized software. Such software for integrated security systems is developed by the INNI company.

The advantage of the INNI software product is that it allows you to combine a video surveillance system and a security alarm system, access control systems for the enterprise into a single system. This increases the speed and efficiency of responding to alarm signals from security systems, allows you to save video confirmation of all alarming events that have occurred, monitor events related to scud systems, save video clips, photos, screenshots of situations that require special attention for security reasons in the database .

The integrated safety and security system provides automation of the operator's work in order to reduce the risk of making erroneous decisions and reduce the reaction time in case of an alarming or suspicious situation at the facility.

The advantage of integrated security systems is the ability to organize an in-depth exchange of information between individual systems included in the complex, and to maintain a database and ensure the ability to quickly search for any events according to specified algorithms.

The INNI software product provides integration with security alarm systems Ajax and others, which allows you to expand the capabilities of integrated security systems, makes it possible to receive messages about events in real time, enter them into the database, and promptly respond to alarm signals from video surveillance and security systems.

INNI software allows you to set up integration with 1C and other accounting systems. This provides a new level of process control at the enterprise. In particular, it is control over the work of employees, which allows to reduce the probability of manipulations by personnel, as well as to automate work processes. Integration with 1C and other accounting systems is expedient, for example, at those enterprises where it makes sense to attach video control to goods and transport invoices and motor vehicles entering the territory of the enterprise to load/unload goods and material values. Thus, the INNI integration modules facilitate the establishment of document control, delivery or shipment of goods, control of transport access according to documents, etc.

This brings the integrated security systems at the enterprise to a new quality level and allows detecting abuse and fraud with accounting and transport documents, increasing the level of control and generally optimizing business processes at the enterprise.

Integration with access control and management systems will give the enterprise new opportunities to filter the necessary video recordings of certain events, or to quickly find the necessary data by a specific request from a common database. The access control system to the territory of the enterprise, to the production premises, to the office, etc. receives new opportunities and functions with integration modules from INNI, and the saving of any video recordings related to the operation of the scud system allows you to restore the course of events, tracking them second by second, if necessary from different video cameras according to the recordings. This increases the quality of integrated security and protection systems at enterprises and organizations, and video surveillance and protection systems get much wider opportunities.

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