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TRASSIR is a professional security software developed by DSSL.
In connection with the war, which was launched by Russia against Ukraine, the companies of the aggressor countries came under sanctions and the supply of their products to Ukraine was put outside the law and moral principles, as well as the service and technical support of their products.
However, many Ukrainian private individuals and enterprises managed to buy Trassir products - cameras, video surveillance systems, software analytical modules, Trassir software - earlier. Now many of them face a choice — to continue to financially support the Russian development company and Russian business, or to find a decent alternative in Ukraine and pay money for a quality software product to a Ukrainian company.
And such an alternative exists. These are INNI software products. Let's take a closer look at what INNI can offer instead of Trassir products and how you can replace Trassir technical support and software, and at the same time not lose, but win both in terms of quality and functionality.
Trassir software is a powerful and functional software product for video surveillance.
TRASSIR allows you to make the most of video surveillance and solve complex tasks of security and many other issues of business optimization.
The TRASSIR software works quite efficiently with the main and secondary video data streams at the same time, which allows you to save server resources without harming the quality of the system. INNI software performs this work no less qualitatively, while INNI analytical modules have extended functions, better characteristics and increased flexibility in terms of adaptability to the needs of a specific customer.
Let's review and compare some of the most popular Trasir and INNI software analysis modules, so that you can see for yourself the superiority of the Ukrainian software product.

TRASSIR vs INNI: the advantage of Ukrainian technologies over the aggressor country's pz


    AutoTRASSIR is a license plate recognition module.
    Alternative — INNI-DC-ANPR-01 Software analytical module that detects and recognizes car number plates in the frame (even in difficult weather conditions), saves the result of recognition and a screenshot of the car to the database.
    Advantages of INNI technology compared to Trassir:
    The speed of number capture and recognition occurs within 10-40 milliseconds. Captures and recognizes license plates at speeds up to 240 km/h (Trassir - only up to 200 km/h). Captures several screenshots with the same number and selects the best one. As a result, the user sees the highest quality frame with the car number. Recognizes all supported license plate patterns at the same time. The accuracy of license plate recognition ranges from 95 to 99 percent. Recognizes numbers of Ukraine, countries of the European Union, Kazakhstan.2. TRASSIR ActivePOS cash operations control module

  2. Alternative - INNI-DC-POS-01 Module for control of cash operations, compatible with Intellect, Prisma, 1C cash servers.
    The module for controlling cash operations allows you to receive all information about cash transactions from cash servers, to synchronize this data with the video stream and to search according to various scenarios. You can search by several criteria at the same time. Also functions of notification of alarming events or situations that require special attention and tracking of "risk group" goods.3. TRASSIR FACE RECOGNITIO - face recognition module.

  3. Alternative - INNI-DC-Face-01. The software analytical module detects and recognizes the face of the frame, compares it with the standard and saves the recognition result. Real-time face recognition, pattern extraction and database matching. Simultaneous detection of several faces or objects in time. Tracking object movement. Gender classification, age assessment. Database maintenance.4. TRASSIR Shelf shelf fullness analysis module.

  4. An alternative is INNI-DC-Shelf. Product availability on the shelves.
    With the help of a neural network, the system collects data on the filling of shelves at certain time intervals (depending on the product turnover) and signals when the permissible norm is exceeded.
    In integration with the accounting system, the shelf control module allows you to control balances and manage product stocks. The use of this module allows you to reduce retail costs also by saving costs for personnel who should monitor the fullness of shelves. This is especially relevant for large supermarket chains. Also, the system can combine information from all stores in the network, generate reports and send to mail or any other messengers.5. TRASSIR Queue Monitor module for visual display of queues at checkouts

  5. An alternative is INNI-DC-Queue. A module for counting the number of people in a frame or a given area, in a dense human flow (queue length, number of people at the entrance, etc.). Real-time technology detects any changes in the number of people (a person has come or gone). This module can be configured to issue an alarm signal in case of exceeding a certain number of people in a queue or a given zone. The number of people can be counted both in the entire frame and in a certain area of this frame. It is possible to configure the time interval during which people will be counted. In real time, the system shows the exact number of people in the monitoring zone and the time spent by each person in this zone, the system only detects people, not counting extraneous objects.

  6. In addition to the modules listed above, Trassir has an integration module with weight complexes. INNI has a more advanced version - INNI-DC-SC-01 - Module for connecting weighing systems installed on the road or in the enterprise (elevator, for example). The system allows you to significantly simplify and automate the weighing process, saves human resources and prevents fraud.

  7. In this article, we have listed only some of the INNI modules that are similar in purpose to Trasir software modules. In fact, the functionality of the software products of the Ukrainian company, a competitor of Trassir, is much wider and more diverse. Get acquainted with INNI products on the company's website.

  8. Choose Ukrainian, support our technological product for intelligent video analytics systems and integrated security systems.

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