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Integration with Ajax security systems

In recent years, security issues have come to the fore for many areas of business and for local authorities, whose competence is to ensure the functioning of public facilities visited by a large number of people. And if installing a security alarm system for an ordinary apartment or private house is not a difficult issue, then providing security for a large enterprise, a bank, a large supermarket or shopping center, or a large public facility is a much more difficult task, which requires not only the installation of more alarm sensors , but generally requires a different approach to the functionality of security systems, even such popular and high-quality ones as Ajax.

Modern Architecture

Security at the facility reaches a new level thanks to the integration of Ajax Systems security systems with INNI

Ajax security systems are rightfully considered one of the best in the world. Based on high-tech innovative solutions, Ajax systems reliably protect the peace and property of citizens and businesses throughout Ukraine and the world. Ajax devices work in the most extreme conditions to prevent a crime or an emergency at the right moment. The company develops convenient and powerful software that simplifies the management of a complex security system.

Due to its high quality and reliability, this equipment is a favorite among various video surveillance and security systems. Ajax security systems are used both in standard conditions and in non-standard situations and circumstances, they are adapted to the needs of various businesses or non-commercial organizations.

In order to add new functions and capabilities to the existing Ajax alarm system, Ajax integration with other systems, sensors, devices is required.

The INNI company develops a software product that expands the capabilities of Ajax security systems and video surveillance for security.

The integration of Ajax signaling with INNI modules opens up new opportunities for both businesses and local executive bodies, large public facilities, etc.

How Ajax integrated security systems work with INNI:

  • INNI receives an alarm from the Ajax system;

  • analyzes from which sensor the signal came;

  • turns on the camera, recording what is happening;

  • displays processed information in an intuitive user-friendly interface.

​After that, the security service employees must leave a comment on each event in order not to miss a dangerous situation. Time recording allows you to monitor the work of the security service employees.

The system allows not only to react quickly to any alarming event, but also to record the event of the system's activation in a photo and video with the possibility of finding and viewing it at any time if necessary.

The main component of Ajax signaling is the central unit, or hub. The functionality of the system depends on the hub. Integration system with Ajax developed by INNI can remove/install several Ajax hubs at once, plus you can see all hubs on a multi-level map and quickly go to the desired hub.

INNI's integrated video content analytics system with Ajax sensors allows to receive alarm signals, analyze from which sensor a signal has arrived and turn on the necessary camera for fixation and turn it off

false alarms for faster response to alarming events.

Thanks to the Ajax integration module, the user can do the following in a convenient interface:

  • Combine different hubs into a single group and manage them all at the same time group

  • See notifications for all hubs on a single interactive map.

  • On the map of the object, it is possible to see the status of Ajax sensors and, if necessary, watch the video in real time or record.

  • As with other INNI products, this integration allows you to see the latest events with quick access to view photos/videos of event capture.

  • Search by date, area or event and watch videos in real time

Intelligent video analytics, created on the basis of integration with Ajax systems, is able to solve security issues at the highest technological level, while achieving significant savings in human resources and costs of. By installing INNI integration modules to already existing professional Ajax systems you will get:

  • Strengthening security

  • Saving money

  • Increasing control and efficiency indicators.

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